When it comes to navigation, there is still an overwhelmingly large number of people sticking to their trusty, old maps and the directions they get from their neighbors.

Slowly, but surely, Google maps and other navigational software from the likes of TOM TOM and Garmin is weaving its way into our hearts with its massive library of locations and a few extra functions that people find quite handy. Yet still we prefer to check the map, maybe print it, and then off we go on out journey, because “what if the GPS map konks out”? Then we’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere”. Or worse, what if the map works just fine and he have relinquished control over the a small, box of metal and plastic that yaps at you to ‘turn left now’. Let a device guide you to your destination? No ways.


Yes ways!

Here at GPS Navigation Connection, we decided to take the misconceptions, the disconnects, about GPS systems and dispel them once and for all.

There are quite a few Myths about GPS navigation, so let’s address a few of the popular ones, which are as follows:

  1. GPS Powered devices will always pick up the best route in any circumstance
  2. GPS doesn’t work in certain weather conditions
  3. GPS Navigation systems prevent individuals from entering into prohibited airspace

You’ll find the truth here


“Any review is a good review. A poorly educated review leaves room for a lesson. A bad review allows the opportunity to be proven wrong. In both scenarios there is always a sense of misconception.”